Planlegging av møter

Her får du en oppskrift Middelthon har satt sammen på hvordan planlegge og gjennomføre små møter. Denne er veldig generell, men gir gode innspill for å lage deres egen variant. Ta kontakt for å utvikle et opplegg tilpasset din bedrift.

Meeting owner – secure all points on this list is ok
Purpose – clear and limited to the meeting
Objective – clear and reasonable to achieve
Agenda – informative and time limited
Participants – only the right people should attend
Expertise – make sure the right knowledge is attending
Expectation – clarify participants contribution
Prepare – secure participants time to get ready
Facilitator – choose the best person to facilitate
Writer – choose the right one to take notes
Method – select the right one for the purpose
Meeting room – secure best possible environment
Technology – secure everyone is prepared and connected
Qualify – make sure there is a real need to meet


Ground rules for the meeting – start with clarifying
Facilitator – responsible for leading the meeting
Participants – on time, prepared and focused
Expertise – make sure the right knowledge is talking
Recorder – note taker (publish info. on wall in real time)
Manage time – make sure time is spent well
Visualize – use illustrations/drawing to clarify message
Involvement – let everyone speak, also the introverts
Delegate actions – make sure who’s best to deliver
Resources – make sure they have time to deliver
Quality – clarify the expected quality of the delivery
Consensus – secure agreement on action points
Sum up – secure everyone has understood their tasks


Accountability – consequences if not delivered as promised
Follow up – secure tasks being done
Collaboration – project management tools

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